Offline & Online Marketing Integration

Maximize Your Online and Offline Marketing Efforts

Online to Offline Marketing Integration

You can build a website, dress it up and glam it out with all the bells n’ whistles, but if nobody knows it’s there, what good is it?I’m sure when you decided to start your offline business, you didn’t just make it all snazzy, open the doors and expect the crowds to run you down, did you? No. You had to make the effort to get your business out to the people, and the same holds true for your online marketing channels.

In this lens we created on Squidoo,  we share a few ways you can cross-promote your offline and online business to maximize both and drive customers to your door (s).

Offline & Online Marketing Integration Ideas 

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Image courtesy of Webknots – Integration of Online and Offline Marketing – 2012 (also a great article)

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