Twitter Widget: New Embeddable Widget for Interactive Timelines

A friend of mine recently posted an article about a new Twitter Widget that can be embedded in any website and increase your interactions directly from the widget.  It allows your readers to reply, re-tweet, favorite, follow an account and view tweeted photos with its auto expand feature.

I decided to test this new Twitter widget out on my site right on the homepage (the location not permanent as we are re-vamping our site shortly) and sidebar.  It’s versatile in that you can place it anywhere on your site without worrying about the width overlapping or messing up your layout.  As well, the height, defaulted at 600px, is also adjustable.

I love it’s ability to show my tweets in real time.  In fact, I’ll be using it to promote our new Facebook group (hashtag #simplysocialmedia) to encourage more active members as well as to seek out answers and opinions from outside members.

Before I go ahead and share the article by Brandlove, LLC (@BrandLoveLLC), let me show you the two different twitter widget sizes we tested on our site.

Large version we placed on homepage….

New Embeddable Real-Time Twitter Widget





















Smaller (300px) we placed in our sidebar…

New Embeddable Real-Time Twitter Widget





















Cool, eh?  Ok, here’s the article that will give you all the details and show you exactly how to grab this Twitter widget for yourself.


Cool New Twitter Widget: Embeddable Interactive Timelines For Real-Time Interaction on Any Website!

 Twitter recently launched a new tool that makes it easy to embed interactive timelines of Tweets on any website. This is a great new feature that adds a real-time dimension to articles and blog posts on other web sites. What differentiates this new tool from other Tweet widgets is its fully interactive nature that allows readers to reply, re-tweet, favorite, follow an account, view tweeted photos– all without having to leave the page. The auto-expand photos option brings the photo front and center in the timeline, and you can expand Tweets just like you would on to see cards, and retweet and favorites counts.

What are your thoughts?  Share your experience by leaving a comments below…


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