An Example of How Social Media Can Help Small Business

While checking in on twitter this morning, one of my friends posted a link to a video from News 14 Carolina that I just had to share.

It features a small business owner who, because of the recession, just couldn’t afford to use traditional print advertising and found success from including social media in her marketing portfolio.

Social media helps advertise small businesses
By: Jonathan Lowe

CHARLOTTE — Friends, fans and followers of social media all helped save a quaint East Charlotte business.

“It definitely has helped me to stay in business,” said Lydia Stern, owner of Beadlush in east Charlotte’s Plaza Midwood neighborhood.

Stern said the recession made it impossible for her to afford print advertising.

“When you have to cut your expenses to the bare bones it’s [print advertising] probably the first things that goes,” she said.

But then she got wind of the latest generation in marketing a business’s product and the sort of word-of-mouth power of sites like Facebook and Twitter.

“It brought me a lot of new people, people who may not have come in, they found out we do a lot of other things,” Stern said.

Helping people like Stern is why once a month the Social Media Club of Charlotte holds a social media breakfast.

NOTE: As of October 9, 2012 – You must now login/register at this site to watch the video (updated since this article was posted), but you can continue to read the article at

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