How to Activate Your New Twitter Profile

Once again Twitter has made some pretty substantial updates and one of them includes the new “look” to your profile, much like that of the Facebook Timeline.

Activating it is pretty simple and I’m going to show you how to do it step by step, but before I do, you should look at creating your new header.  It must be 1252px x 626px and leave a space in middle where your profile picture will be. (see mine below)


Toresa Slater for Simply Social Media Solutions on Twitter

Now for instructions…are you ready?

1) Once you have your image ready, login to your Twitter account and go to “settings”.

2) Click on the “Design” tab

How to Activate Your New Twitter Profile Step 2

3) Now scroll down until you see the “Customize your own” section and click on the “change header” button to upload your new image.

How to Activate Your New Twitter Profile step 3

4) That’s it!  Your done:)

Need help creating your new Twitter Profile Image?  Contact us here or wherever we are on the web.



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