Is Your Website Message Crystal Clear

The purpose of your website should be crystal clear to your visitors at first glance.

How do you achieve this?

  1.  Make sure your domain name or the URL you are using is relevant to your site’s purpose.
  2. Your tagline should be clear and concise.  In as few words as possible you should work to describe what your business is about and what your visitors can expect to find so they are moved to search your site further.
  1. The links and buttons throughout your site should be labeled clearly based on what the visitor can expect to find if they click on them.
  1. Your sites content should be relevant and peak the visitors interest. You want to ensure the message you want to portray is clear just by glancing at the titles or various sections on your site.

Of course, there is more to consider when it comes to making your website clear to your visitors, but this short list should provide you a good starting point.

Remember, you have only milliseconds to convert those visitors into actual “readers” of your site, so  take a bit of time and look over your site with different eyes.  Better yet,  ask friends and associates what they see when visiting your site then you can make further adjustments based on their experience.


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