Twitter Adds “You Both Follow” Feature

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It appears the “You Both Follow” feature that Twitter started testing back in June is now being rolled out to more (if not all) users. As the name implies, “You Both Follow” shows you the people that you and another Twitter user mutually follow.
To see it, just visit another user’s profile and see who you have in common on their sidebar, right above the full list of people they follow. You can click a “view all” link to see the full list of mutual follows. The idea, it would seem, is that if you follow a lot of the same people, perhaps you should be following each other (if you’re not already).

Facebook users will likely note that this is exactly the same as the “mutual friends” feature you encounter when viewing a friend’s profile. Along the same lines, Twitter also recently added a “who to follow” section on user homepages that closely resembles the friend recommendations of Facebook, basing the suggestions on the following habits of your existing connections.

Have you seen the new “you both follow” feature yet?  Let us know if you have and what you think in the comments!


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