Social Media Marketing Evaluation

- Our Detailed Website and Social Media Marketing Evaluation -


The Social Media Impact on Small Business


As a small business owner, you may not realize the impact your presence on the web has on your bottom line and how it effects your customer base.

Here are just a few crucial reasons why you should be concerned:

  1. Almost everyone searches for products and services online before looking in the yellow pages or newspaper.
  2. Your competitors are online already! And they have no problem scooping up those customers searching for your products or services
  3. The “Social Web” is all about sharing, that means you’re missing out on some major “word of mouth” traffic
  4. Customers now want to “know” who they are buying from.  Your social presence is crucial in building strong customer relationships, loyalty and developing a better customer service reputation.

So, do you see the impact of NOT having a strong social presence?

We understand how time consuming this can be.  No longer are you able to submit your ad to various publications and go about your daily business.

That’s why we want to help you determine your current online status, then create a plan that is focused, targeted and easy to implement.

Here’s what we look at:

  • Website/Blog
  • SEO 
  • Social Media Reputation and Status
  • Local Marketing Footprint 


This in-depth report covers the main aspects to effective online marketing which can have a direct impact on your offline sales.

We will offer suggestions based on what we find so you know exactly what you need to do to get started.

Once we have completed the report, we will bundle it up into a pretty package complete with our recommendations.

Ready?  It’s a simple 3 step process…


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Consultation and Plan

As soon as we’ve completed our evaluation (usually a 48 hour turn around) we will contact you to set up an appointment to discuss the results and talk about a plan that you can implement. We will provide a detailed written portfolio complete with steps you can take to improve your online presence,


 * Payment must be received prior to the consultation.