Slater180 Welcomes Love My Do Hair Salon Winnipeg

We’ve just finished another site for one of our local businesses, Love My Do Hair Salon. Love My Do is a newer salon in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Transcona) that is taking the city by storm. Their service is second to none (I’ve actually used their services) and their entrepreneurial spirit is both innovative and ambitious.

Considering their needs, our design was kept simple yet elegant. We designed it completely around their offline branding so every aspect of their company is consistent. The owner, Rob Barnett, wants the ability to maintain the website on their own, so I made sure to keep the structure simple and clean and I’ll be creating a step-by-step booklet of how-to’s so he can easily accomplish his updates and changes.

We’ve also started his social media campaign with sites like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook Fanpage and Google Places to appeal further to his local market. We still have some tricks up our sleeves like video and email marketing that should help push his site to the top of the engines.

I’m excited to have worked with Love My Do and am looking forward to helping them succeed. If you’re in Winnipeg, check out their new website and visit them on the social scene.


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