Why Online and Offline Marketing Integration is so Important


I’m a big believer that you need to create strategies for your online and offline marketing integration in order to establish a unified message about your brand and capture audiences from every media source. It’s not enough anymore to just promote your brick and mortar business offline, now-a-days, you need to grab your customers attention from every angle.

Cross promotion using a consistent brand message will solidify your reputation in the minds of your customers.

I ran across this article today that I thought would help drive this point home. Geoff Livingston, in his article, “4 Reasons Why Your Marketing Will Die Without Integration“, talks about how your traditional marketing media, such as direct mail and radio, is a starting point for creating conversions online. Integration of both online and offline marketing has a direct impact on your overall marketing results. Something that should NOT be ignored.

4 Reasons Why Your Marketing Will Die Without Integration

by Geoff Livingston

One word: Convergence.

Social media marketers need to harness media convergence and integrate direct and advertising to maximize the impact of their various communications, on and offline.

Convergence has been brought about by the widespread adoption of mobile and social media. The combination has empowered customers to access the Internet anywhere and discuss it.

The resulting anytime anywhere access to the Internet breaks the isolation of any one type of media form, including radio ads in the car and newspapers in a local subway.

Convergence creates a need to integrate, the process in which all communications from a company or organization — regardless of form — work together to present a unified brand experience for a customer. Integration yields more leads, creating better ROI for marketers. It includes cross promotion of ideas, themes, and calls to action, including participation in social media.

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