No One’s Looking For Your Business Online Or Are They? [Video]


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I’ve heard this many times, small businesses in my local area (and I’m sure everywhere) are still using the argument:  “nobody’s looking for my type of business on the internet”.

You still believe that a $400 (or more) yellow page add will drive all the traffic you need.

You think creating a website is a waste of time and money.

And you certainly can’t see how online marketing will help increase your customer base.

Well, this morning I decided to whip up a quick video showing small business owners how you can test that theory for yourself. I’ll show you how to find out just how many people are searching for your “type” of business locally by month and per day.

Watch this video and give it a try for yourself. It’s very simple…yet it reveals SO much!

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After doing this little technique yourself, come back here and post your results below, I’d love to know your thoughts…


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