Introducing Barnett Trailer Rentals

Barnett Trailer Rentals, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Barnett Trailer Rentals is one of our current clients.  The owner, Rob Barnett,  wanted a simple website (fast) to provide information about the business and include contact and booking availability online.

We used a WordPress theme from Yoothemes and customized it to suit his needs and image.  This allowed us to create his online presence quickly which was important with camping season right around the corner.

His daughter created the logo which we were able to incorporate into the theme nicely.

To add functionality we added the Simple Booking Forms Plugin and utilized the Yootheme widgetkit to display his trailers in an attractive manner.

The site is in the process of being optimized for both search engines and local marketing, which we will continue to work on for best results in his local market.

Happily I can say they are happy campers:)

If you’re in the area or planning to head up to Manitoba, give Barnett Trailer Rentals a call…some beautiful country up here!




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  1. kathleen tardi

    It appears the Barnett web-site is down… bandwidth exceeded.

  2. Toresa

    Thank you for letting us know, it has since been fixed.

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