Your Competitor is Stealing Your Customers


Did you know that your competitors are silently stealing customers from you everyday?  They are laughing their way to the bank as you sit there scratching your head wondering why your marketing plan isn’t working.

Why?  Because they’re utilizing something that you’ve swept under the rug or completely ignored for far too long.

  • Your competitors have realized how powerful the internet is for their business.
  • They’ve discovered a completely new and exciting way to reach new customers and stay in touch with their existing customers.
  • And, they’ve learned that it doesn’t even have to cost as much as traditional print or media advertising.

Your customers are out there searching for you, but they can’t find you.  Long gone are the days of pulling out the yellow pages or checking the newspaper ads.  Your customers are jumping online first to look and shop for products and services.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is.  It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in.  You need to create your online marketing portfolio today and take back your customers.

Let’s look at some recent statistics about small business and see if there’s still hope…

Are you part of these statistics?

Facts about how small businesses are NOT using the web:

  • 40% of small businesses don’t have a web site
  • 81% of entrepreneurs still don’t take advantge of social media
  • 47% don’t think that Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn are beneficial to their business
  • 84% don’t provide for e-commerce
  • 62% don’t use email marketing

Source: Citibank survey

What does this mean?  It means that those businesses that HAVE started using the web are probably grabbing your customers and dominating your industry.

Is there still hope for you?  Absolutely!

In fact, getting in now, today is perfect because other business owners are just starting to realize that they need to get online but will drag their heals.  YOU can get a leg up on your competition and be miles ahead.

I suggest you do a little research on your competitors and in your industry and see how many are online and what they are including in their marketing.  I’m pretty sure you’ll be shocked.  And for those that aren’t yet online, imagine the advantage you’ll have when you beat them to the punch!


Is your business online?  Tell us about it and any successes you’ve had since doing so….leave a comment below.

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