Clever Way to Blast Through Writers Block and Create Content Quickly

Online marketing and social media requires fresh content and tons of it!  With that comes the need to create new and valuable content on a constant basis.  But if you’re like many of us, you probably struggle with what to write.

Do you find yourself sitting in front of your computer staring blankly at the little curser flashing in front of your eyes?

Do you have tons of ideas in your head but can’t quite get them out on paper?  Maybe there’s so many you don’t know where to start?

Are you looking to write a book or report to be used as content, yet the very thought is somewhat overwhelming?

Greg Habstritt has created a video detailing a very effective way of overcoming writers block.  The technique he uses is not new (many of us probably do this in some form or fashion already) but seeing it should help spark your creative juices and help get that content flowing.

Watch the video:


I found this technique (on paper) to be very effective for myself, hopefully you’ll find it just as valuable.  Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.



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