No BS Social Media by Jason Falls



I just finished listening to the’s final installment of the 11 of 11′ Webinar series with speaker Jason Falls and was literally blown away by the information he shared. The various examples he gave revolved around what he calls the “seven business drivers of social media”. They offered great insight into how companies can use social media to increase sales and customer relations.

He also spoke of how to choose the right one for your business and how to execute a strategy that would improve sales, profitability, efficiency and brand value for any company, even if your business is not based online.


All of this, of course, was the condensed version of what you can find in his book “No BS Social Media” and provided some very powerful tips and techniques you can use in your own business.  I plan on getting my copy today:)

If you’re interested in watching today’s webinar and others from the series, all of the replays can be seen on and cover a wide range of social media topics from a variety of speakers.

I highly recommend it!



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