“We help small businesses discover their internet business and marketing needs. Then we help them create a plan, develop it and show them how to put it into action.”


Welcome to Simply Social Media Solutions, You’re Social Media Management and Virtual Assistant Company!

Social media has become the dominant weapon in any successful marketing campaign. It’s no longer just a possibility, it’s an absolute must for any business. Traditional marketing mediums are no longer as effective as they once were, in fact, some are becoming obsolete.

At Simply Social, we help to develop and deploy social media campaigns by building strong integrated strategies and helping our clients implement those strategies using proven tactics that connect their brand with the social media buzz.

Based in Oakville, Ontario, Simply Social brings passionate consumers together with corporations, small business and individuals through social marketing campaigns while also focusing on making it both understandable and easy to manage. We create portfolios that can include web development, social media, email and mobile marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and local marketing. As well, we work to incorporate both your online and offline marketing efforts in order to create the strongest campaign possible.


Toresa Slater
Job position
Toresa Slater has 20 years office and administrative experience.  As well, she has been running her own web design and marketing company since 1999.  She excels at a wide variety of tasks, multi-tasks with ease and having 3 children, a full-time job and a business on the side, she knows how to organize her time for the utmost in productivity.


Don Tanner
Job position
Don Tanner is just a wiz at everything! His research skills are outstanding. He is exceptional at proof reading and analyzing documents, reports and data. He has an uncanny way of getting and/or finding the best deals on anything and having 20 years as a Condominium Site Manager, he could renovate your house! (or at least find you the best contractors).